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Justin Peach has worked as a Reiki Master since 1998 and has trained more than 400 people to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses.

Feb 17

5 Important Tips When Choosing Your Reiki Teacher

By Justin Peach | Reiki guides

So you’ve experienced the deep relaxation of a Reiki treatment and are considering becoming a student of this powerful healing practice. Maybe you’d like to provide ongoing support for a loved one, or yourself. Or perhaps your intuition has simply drawn you to this practice.

The choices are many and the variety of paths to Reiki can be baffling.

Where should you begin?

To narrow down the scope of possible teachers, once you’ve found out about or even met a Reiki teacher in person, look for the following:

1. Does the Reiki teacher walk the talk?

Find out if the teacher treats themselves with Reiki and if they apply other practices such as meditation, yoga or Chi Gong as part their own development. A good teacher knows that they themselves are a work in progress and strive to develop and explore the way forward.

2. How much experience does the Reiki teacher have?

The Reiki teacher should be transparent about how many years experience they have giving treatments and teaching. A solid background means they will be teaching from direct experience rather than simply passing along information.

3. Is there a framework to further your growth?

A good teacher will provide a clear path for students to deepen their practice, whether through Reiki sharing days, workshops and continuing support. You won’t be left hanging after your first course. Also important, the teacher will point to your own intuition when gauging the correct timing for a following course rather than stipulate standard periods, they know that a ‘one size fits all approach’ is not what Reiki is about.

4. Does the teacher express humility?

A true Reiki teachers is a humble example of the healing and developmental powers of Reiki. They probably won’t bring attention to the title of “Master” or put too much emphasis on their lineage as they are very conscious of whether or not they are living in accordance with their own highest potential. Their ego or image is the last thing on their mind.

5. Does this person use confusing jargon?

A good teacher will be able to speak about Reiki in clear and simple terms making it transparent and available to their students, free from any form of religious or spiritual dogma. Watch out for teachers who say that their form of Reiki is better or more powerful.

Dec 24

5 Ways You Can Reach Your Reiki Clients Right Now

By Justin Peach | Reiki guides

The days of leaving flyers and folders in the local organic store and hoping for the best is over. Your Reiki clients and future course participants are online and you need to make your presence felt.

Don’t worry if you aren’t too technical, there are many solutions out there which just need you to be able to point and click to get yourself promoted in a stylish and professional manner.

Here are some top tools and methods allowing you to tell people about yourself and your Reiki practice starting with the technically least challenging first:

1. Smore www.smore.com

Make drag and drop flyers that you can easily promote on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest as well as Craigslist. Choose from existing templates with beautiful backgrounds. Paid plans give you the most options but you can do quite a bit with the free account

2. Meetup – www.meetup.com

Meetup is a well established forum with more than 13 million members in nearly 200 countries. What’s great about this platform is that people can get together with other people who share their specific interest. I used Meetup with great success to tell people about meditation evenings I used to organise. You can promote courses, Reiki shares or info evening. Meetup is a paid service but if you live in a large town of city it can work really well.

3. Facebook group – more information

Similar to Meetup in that people can join very specific interest groups. Facebook groups are of course free and although it can take a while to build your members one of the advantages it offers is that more people will see your posts, in comparison a only a small amount of your Facebook Fanpage members will see your posts these days. The built-in event functionality works well allowing people to share and invite others. Tip: It can be useful to provide a link where people are directed to a webpage to register so you can be sure exactly who will be attending your event.

4. Google local listing – more information

If you have a website you should have a Google local listing. This is a really good way to be found by people who are searching for Reiki treatments or courses in their area. A huge advantage of a local listing is that you stand a big chance of getting listed on the first page of Google with your site. You will need to get your address verified by Google, after you sign up they will send you a post card and you can verify your business location. Tip: Make  sure you use a name that people will be searching for, for example: Vancouver Reiki Center (you can add the actual name of your business afterwards, for example – Vancouver Reiki Center the Dolphin) this should help you get listed higher up on the page. Check out the link above for more information about getting listed.

5. A Website

If you don’t yet have a website, what are you waiting for? It’s essential, you really can’t do without one. But don’t worry it can be simple and there are many ways to get something great looking published so that people can find out about you. Here are some options listed here in order of personal preference:




These platforms make creating a website a dream even if you have two left hands technically. You can be online within a couple of hours.

Tip: Download my Reiki Website Guide where I share the best practices for your Reiki website

Do you have more tips, please leave a comment below and share your ideas.