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Justin peach is an international Reiki Master and founder of and Reiki Sites. Justin Peach has worked as a Reiki Master since 1998 and has trained more than 500 people to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses. Justin is a meditation teacher as well a facilitator of The Work by Byron Katie. Since 1999 he has been working with collective intelligence and uses it in his workshops to deepen the perception and understanding of Reiki.

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Justin's internet marketing training was fantastic!

Justin's internet marketing training was fantastic! His knowledge of how to promote and grow your business, build a clientele and keep them engaged is very motivating. I learned exactly what I'm missing and how to move forward. With his generous passion to share what he's become a pro in he proves that combining spirituality and success are truly possible :-) Thanks for your kind support Justin!!

Pauline Moret

A milestone for me.

I have been applying Justin's strategies and had 3 paying clients this week....a milestone for me.

Fay Watkins

Thank you for all the quality information you give out for free! It is truly appreciated.

I found a ton of useful and good information to use in my own current practice. When Justin released a free information video about how to market and get your Reiki practice up and running I was excited. I watched the whole video twice and took notes. I have already implemented a few things that he spoke about in his info video to my practice now.

Kat Porter

Fantastic that Justin is prepared to share his business and marketing experience!

I wish I had had these lessons six years ago when I started my own company. It would have saved me a lot a lot of time, energy and money.

Dokus Dagelet