This training is full of simple and practical advise taken from many years of marketing and promoting Reiki services. Putting these techniques into practice will get you more clients.


  • Introduction
  • Reiki Marketing Strategy
  • Understanding Landing Pages
  • The importance of message continuity
  • Reiki website examples
  • Getting clients through Voucher Placement
  • How to get clients from a spiritual market

Introduction start here.

Overview: Rethinking how we market our Reiki services.

Common Reiki Website Mistakes and understanding Landing Pages.

Anatomy of a Landing Page

A good landing page follows a fairly simple template. If you apply these basic points when building you page you will see a big improvement in your conversions and sign ups.

Top elements of a landing page:

1 - Headline

3 - Information needed to take action

4- Testimonial​

5/6 - CTA - Call to action


The landing page headline and advertisement wording should compliment each other. People don’t read as much as we would like them to. In fact we scan, people need to understand clearly (and quickly) whats on offer.


Being one of the first things a visitor will read, the landing page headlines should not confuse or bore, but compel a visitor to take a closer look. Addressing a specific point that is related to the content of the website will catch a reader's attention more than having a vague and uninteresting headline.


The body text should be phrased in terms of the needs and wants or your potential client. Text needs to be flawless. Always double and triple check your copy, and have someone else read it through. In the example of an online retailer who is asking for visitors to purchase and provide personal and billing information, the trust of the customer will be risked if there are spelling errors and sloppy grammar.


For an effective way of building trust, incorporate testimonials, reviews, press mentions, guarantee seals, and 3rd party trust and security certification (Better Business Bureau, VeriSign, etc.). When the eye glass and lens company ACLens began using VeriSign, they saw a 41% increase in conversions and a 58% increase in revenue per transaction. The same can happen with any online landing page.


The CTA is arguably the most important element on a page - it must be clearly visible and above the fold (people shouldn't need to scroll down before they see it). After a visitor reads the landing page headline, it is crucial that they know what to do next.


Identify the keywords people interested in your service might be searching for and use words such as “free,” “new,”“buy,” or “download now.” A conversion button should stand out and be placed right below a call-to-action or have the call-to-action as the button. 


It's fine to have menu links on your page if they are absolutely necessary but remember that your landing page is designed to get people to take action. Every link on your page is like a hole in a bucket. It's a chance for a visitor to leave you page.


People want to see a visual representation of the product or service you are offering. If you have a video you can show then that can be a better option. Keep it short though, preferably under 3 minutes. Make sure images relate clearly should support and relate clearly to your message.


The space a visitor sees without having to scroll is the most important parts of your landing page. Place the call-to-action button above the fold and in a location where the viewer's eye will scan to. Never have the button or form in a place where it has to be searched for.

Message continuity

Where have people come from right before they arrive at your landing page? Think about it - it is important. Have they come from a Facebook add.
A flyer. A blog post?

What question is in their mind? What is their state of mind?

Your landing page is often the next step in a conversation so there must be continuity. There should be congruence.

Otherwise arrive at your landing page feels like a miss-step and can be confusing.

For example is a vistitor has just come from a Facebook advert. What has she or he just read and responded to? 

Website examples

This videos shows some of the common mistakes that are made on most Reiki websites.
In the last part of the video you can see how I set up my landing pages

Voucher placement

Here's great way to get new clients. It's an approach which I have used before to get referral clients in the beauty market and it works well. You are going to partner with businesses who are in a similar market to Reiki. For example (but not limited to):

  • Beauticians​
  • Massage therapists
  • Hair stylists
  • Acupuncturists

Your goal is to be able to place a discount voucher for a Reiki treatment with the business. You ask the owner of the business to recommend a Reiki treatment and give your voucher to their clients.


Get Instant Access

Get access to the Voucher Placement training and download a ready to go Reiki Voucher.

​For every referral you agree to pay the business a fixed amount. I would make it an attractive amount for example 70% of the treatment price. Remember you do not need to make much profit on the first treatment but you need to get new customers in the door.

You really need the owner or manager to actively recommend your Reiki treatments. It's not enough just to have some vouchers lying around in their office gathering dust. To create a partner who tell people about you give the business owner a free treatment. Then if they liked it ask them to give the voucher to people who they feel will benefit the most from a treatment. Most people love a Reiki treatment and if its the first time they have had one it's often a memorable experience that they are more than happy to talk about.

Make sure that you have a good admin system in place so when you get voucher in from a business you know which business partner it comes from. Record the name of the person redeeming the voucher and the date. Agree how often you will make payments. Send a clear monthly overview to your partners.

We have created a Reiki voucher for you to use. You can download the PSD file and you are free to personalize it as much as you like. Your local printer or copy shop will be able to print it out for you.

Click to download (front)

Click to download (back)

Getting clients from a spiritual market

A spiritual show or market is a great place to get place to get new clients. You will get to meet people who are open and interested so you will have plenty of opportunity to talk about and demonstrate Reiki.

Again the best strategy is not worry about giving lots of treatments during the day. Your focus should be on getting leads and getting new clients to come to your practice. A spiritual or new age market can be a tiring and draining place so use your time and energy well.

Using discount vouchers: ​Make a voucher with an attractive discount which people can purchase during the show. For example, a treatment for an hour with 75% discount. Because your client make a purchase this during the show they will usually follow up. To encourage them to do so you can make an appointment with them at the moment or purchase. If you can't do that make sure the voucher expiry duration is kept short. You can adapt the above discount voucher to use.

Hold a prize draw. This will get you email signups. Give people the chance to win something. You can offer a free treatment or something physical like a nice crystal (you can probably get a good deal at the show). Have a signup form where people will leave their name and email address. After the show follow up within a week. Announce the winner - but make a special offer as well, something attractive to get people in the door.

Get some help. If you can, bring one or two friends with you so if you are busy giving a short treatment someone is available to sell the vouchers ​and help people sign up for the prize draw.

Tips: If you are planning to go to shows more often you can get a roll up banner. Have a look on internet for companies who can deliver ​in your area. You can get a roll up banner for less than $5o. This will make your stand look more professional.
See suppliers on Amazon.
Get a design for your banner for just $5 on Fiverr

Do your research. When deciding which shows and markets to go to speak with the organizer. Find out if the show has been given before, if so try and contact previous stand holders and ask them is the show was busy last time and find out which position in the market is best and which to avoid.