November 19, 2015

Reiki has been developing a lot since it’s (re)discovery in Japan in 1922 and to do my part in brining it more fully into our Western Post-Modern culture there are a number of myths about Reiki that I would like to bust.

1. Reiki is just hocus-pocus

Okay, science does have a hard time with anything which isn’t tangible and can’t be measured by modern instruments but that’s not quite what I mean. What I would like to clarify is that when we start to work with Reiki we don’t have to suspend our critical thinking and just ‘believe’ in it.

When we work with Reiki we develop our capacity for subtle awareness. Something that we all possess and we start to become aware of different types of chi energy directly. Our intuition starts to deepen and we begin to use more than just our mind to gauge reality. Yes, there really is a world beyond the rational mind. But we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. We still want to be able to discriminate, as long as we are not cynical. And anyway, we develop the best in a spiritual sense when we keep both feet on the ground.

2. You need to have some kind of special gift to be able to work with Reiki

Untrue! Just as we can all learn to play a musical instrument we can all learn to work with energy and become aware of our energy bodies. The only prerequisites are interest and practice.

3. There are many different kinds of Reiki (and each is better than the other)

This trend is rather confusing for people. Tera-Mai Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, etc. I have worked for many years with Reiki and I have received Reiki from people from many different Reiki backgrounds and I can say with confidence: There is only one Reiki, it is the same energy. Some people choose to brand it differently but that’s all. The only thing that makes a difference is the clarity and transparency of the Reiki giver themselves.[pullquote align=”normal”]Once you start studying the real history, you find that it’s a rather controversial topic [/pullquote]

4. Reiki is part of the ‘New Age’ spiritual movement

Disclaimer: I must admit that for quite a while I found everything that had to do with New Age spirituality very interesting. From shamanism to rebirthing and crystals to crop circles. But New Age spirituality is just one of the many forms of spirituality and although Reiki during her path from Japan to the West has been well received by the New Age movement, it did not start there and it will not end there.

5. There is an ‘official’ form of Reiki

From a Japanese perspective Reiki does not even exist outside Japan. And from the perspective of some Western Reiki organisations it’s not Reiki that is being practiced elsewhere. But just as with Yoga, once you start studying the real history, you find that it’s a rather controversial topic on which people do not always agree. All I know for sure is that Reiki is still under development (and probably always will be) and it can be practiced in any culture anywhere on Earth.

I hope I don’t come across as being too critical or opinionated, but I think that everyone should know that Reiki can be a very powerful catalyst for the development of consciousness. It is a proven tool for spiritual development but the form its takes is less important that the ways in which it can help us.

About the Author Justin Peach

Justin Peach has worked as a Reiki Master since 1998 and has trained more than 400 people to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses.

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  1. thank you for sharing your knowledge. And helping others get on and moving forward with their passions🙏
    I ‘v been a reiki master for years and still dwell in the fear of making a go of a reiki business. And only that.
    I have asked the universe to assist me in getting my equine reiki therapy business come to a successful point where that’s all I doing.
    I have yet to make a website or even business cards
    I’m Hoping to get I with this soon looking forward to your webinar
    Again any advice is grateful and thank you from the. Prom of my heart

    Patrizia Trulli

    1. Hi Patrizia,

      Nice to hear from you.

      The Universe really will support you when you follow your heart. Doesn’t mean that we won’t have challenges but the nature of Life is movement and growth as well as it’s nature is taking responsibility for what we know to be true and possible.


  2. Hi Justin,

    Have really enjoyed your post about “Reiki busted”. 🙂

    I am a Reiki Teacher myself and can only agree what you so far have described in your article.

    Reiki in Japan as the Reiki we know doesn’t mean much to a Japanese Reiki Master/healer. They always will ask you:…”what kind of Reiki you do?”….

    So, somehow this might be the reason why so many Reiki masters will “brand” “their” Reiki.

    We have to admit, although I personally don’t care much for it, calling it “Atlantis Reiki” “Crystal Reiki”, even “Elemental Reiki”, just to name a few, must sounds more compelling to someone than just plain “Reiki”.

    One question I have from one Reiki Teacher to another, what are your thoughts on Reiki teaching online?

    I personally are still divided somehow. To elaborate here would take to much space etc., but I would appreciate it anyways.

    Great article. 🙂


    1. Hi Sylvia,

      It is possible. I have taught students who were disabled and could not physically come to a course as well as someone who lived in a very remote region.
      I was surprised how powerful the distance attunement was. So if the student is guided well then yes absolutely.

      Where I might put a question mark is if there is no one on one attunement or good guidance from the Reiki Master.


  3. Justin, thanks for consolidating some things that have come up in some of my various conversations with a lot of people over the last few years.

    It often reminds me of the conflicts that arise with regard to various martial arts styles. Each one has it’s own way of defending from an attack, and often you will find many similarities. But just because one person blocks a blow one way, and someone else does it differently, doesn’t mean that either way is wrong, as long as both WORK.

    One thing that does bother me, though, is when people who have been neither trained nor attuned, hang out their shingle as Reiki Masters. You may be a healer… you may be spiritually gifted… but it’s not cool to appropriate the name of Reiki for what you do, unless that’s what you have been trained in. Call yourself a spiritual healer, an energy therapist or whatever, but don’t engage in false advertising. It’s like someone who is a natural-born street fighter opening a Karate dojo. The person may be a good fighter, but what they are teaching still is not Karate, and they shouldn’t call it that.

  4. I agree there is only one Reiki. I think many times people want to be amazed by something–so they start with some fancy title. I just call it Universal Life Force Energy. I have attuned many types of people, families and even children. I feel it is for everyone; and can help with virtually everything under the sun. Thank you for the great post. It has helped me in so many ways; an access point to limitlessness.I am a Reiki Master under Usui tradition–but to me it is all the same. Have a blessed day.

  5. Becoming a Reiki Master a couple of years ago has changed my life in so many ways…both my understanding, communication and sensitivity to others. However, although I have given Reiki to quite a few people, I feel I have a long way to go in my own life to where I want to be. I am a little disappointed in myself that I have not had the courage to leave my work and to do Reiki full time. My intention is to develop my attic space into “healing rooms.” However, my work at present is very time consuming…part time isn’t possible…and time and health issues always seem to be getting in the way of making progress. However, after my hip replacement last January (after falling on ice), Reiki has indeed helped me greatly with healing and keeping my energy up. It seems like the journey is slow though….and although I know that Reiki has become an important way of living now for me…. I sometimes doubt I will fulfil my dream of doing it full time!
    Thank you for your article which I found very interesting and helpful.


  6. Excellent article. #3 I have thought this as well. Variety of ‘styles’ in terms of methodology but the energy is the same pure unconditional love light. Namaste. A

  7. Thanks, Justin, for ‘clearing’ things up with your article. 🙂

    More information and education for the public is definitely needed as Reiki becomes a powerful method to relieve stress and pain as well as a bridge to raising our consciousness. I’ve found that since being introduced to Reiki in 2002, the interest in it has grown exponentially over the last 3 years.

    I agree with your last comment that it definitely is a proven tool for spiritual development and the form its takes is less important than the ways in which it can help us. There are many forms of Reiki now just as there are thousands of types of Qigong and many forms of yoga! Everything is evolving just as we are. Reiki does look a bit different than it did in 1922 and it just stands to reason that it will continue to evolve as more information is channelled to us and people find different and even more versatile ways with which to use it.


  8. hi Justin,
    i agree completely with you. to me, working with universal energy based on wholeness can always be called Reiki without disrespect to any known system. Reiki indeed is universal and belongs to all sentient beings. Indeed Reiki is a perfect tool to develop ones spiritual path
    warm regards,

    1. I’ve been working with Reiki since 1989. I’ve been “traditionally” and “non-traditionally” trained. I have been teaching since 1996. I have a modestly successful mobile Reiki practice in my community offering Reiki in folks’ homes. I love practicing in this way, serving folks in their own comfortable spaces. I appreciate reading your thoughts on Reiki and it’s nice to see that there are others who feel much as I do about these things. Well said and thanks for expressing many things I’ve been thinking for a long time.

      Just For Today…

  9. There are different forms of energy work and healing. Reiki is one of them and this article debunks all the myths about it. How to work with energy is not a gift but it’s definitely something that everyone can learn how to do it as far as they have a teacher who can show them the ropes. The various ways that reiki is being performed should not strange people at all. Energy is art and every art is being evolved according to the person who is performing it.

    I hope this article reaches out to more people. Great writing!


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