1. Give Up Your Need Of Other’s Approval
Often people in your close circles can feel threatened by your desire to grow and succeed and they may sound like they are giving you good advice when they point out what the sensible and “realistic” choices for you are. But Reiki teaches us to trust our intuition and follow the natural paths for growth in our lives. So when we feel that we need approval from those around us we have given them some of our personal power and must wait for their affirmation and approval before we can progress. You reclaim your personal power when you decide to captain your own ship and trust your gut instincts.

The more you accept yourself as you are (and we are all works in progress lets be real here folks) the less you will be dependent on external circumstance. So choose your friends wisely, spend time with those that support your positive visions, they may be critical – thats fine, good feedback keeps us sharp. But avoid those whose position is fundamentally cynical or negative and who make you pay a price for their approval.
[pullquote align=”normal”]So choose your friends wisely, spend time with those that support your positive visions. [/pullquote]
2. Give Up Distinguishing Between Your Private And Work Life
I used to think that my life had different compartments. My family life, my sports, my work, my spiritual life and so on. Sometimes there was an overlap but I felt like I was playing different roles, often wondering who I should be in each of these different scenarios. Now I see that I can be one person in all of these areas, and that’s a breath of fresh air I can tell you, I no longer feel like an actor who has to play different parts hoping that people like my performance.

What you do in one area influences the other. I am sure you see the many ways in which your work is interconnected with other areas and vice versa. Learning and overcoming in one area helps you in another. Start to look for the overarching context, your highest guiding principle which informs all areas, that will help you see the way forward. If you do one thing that you think you ‘have’ to do or get through before you can spend time doing the thing you really love you are in conflict with what is and you will miss the bigger picture and be less able to respond to your intuition.

3. Give Up Your Reluctance To Ask For Help
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Identify your areas of expertise in which you excel and brings those to the marketplace but don’t try to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ because it will simply cost you too much time and what are you trying to prove anyway, and to who?  Also people often enjoy helping you out, don’t you sometimes give someone a Reiki treatment for free?.

4. Give Up Being Perfect Or Waiting for the Perfect Moment
Let’s nip this sucker in the bud right away. Things will never be perfect, if you are waiting for the heavens to open with angelic voices crying in unison “Now” then you are out of luck. You will never be perfect and things will never be perfect (whatever that actually is), but how about this, maybe you are good enough. Would that be okay with you? We are all works in progress working with the limitations we each have and the only time we have to do it is now.

5. Give Up Playing Small
“Who little ol‘ me?” Yes! Why not you? Don’t you have a right to get your Reiki practice going and be successful? Who knows where you can go with it and don’t underestimate what you can bring to others. Allow yourself to dream big. This of course goes hand in hand with giving up worrying about failure. You’re going to fail at some things, there I said it. But that’s how you learn isn’t it? Keep your eye on your big dreams and continue to steer towards them.

6. Give Up Other People’s Versions Of Success
Do you feel that you should be successful in ways others expect you to? It doesn’t have to be a big thing like your parents wanting you to be a doctor or lawyer but anything which doesn’t happen to be in line with your life’s purpose. Being successful in ways you think others expect before you embark on embodying your passion can cost you months or years of your very precious life. Remember living up to others version of success is unlikely to fulfill you and could even make you bitter . . just sayin’.

7. Give Up Your SOS  (Shiny Object Syndrome)
Whether it’s a new massage table, a new training or learning a new technique it’s easy to be distracted by getting new stuff. We think that as soon as we get ‘that thing’ or ‘this certification’ we will get going but the unfortunate reality is that you will still have to do the actual work yourself. So when you know that your next exciting Shiny Object is often more of a distraction than a cure then you have both feet on the ground.

About the Author Justin Peach

Justin Peach has worked as a Reiki Master since 1998 and has trained more than 400 people to the level of Reiki Master. He also coaches other Reiki Masters with their practice and courses.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this, very helpful. I too am concerned about the financial impact of becoming a full time healer. I currently have a ‘day job’ which is nothing to do with Reiki but I am working on increasing my clients to a point where I could move into full time healing. How have others done this I wonder.

    Bright blessings xx

  2. So inspiring Justin. I wish I would have had this last year when I opened my healing space and was starting out.
    Thank you and I willl share with other new Reiki peeps. Keep up the awesome work Justin.
    Healing Heart Energy by Kimberley

  3. Some very good points there Justin. Always helpful to listen to others who have had experience in the same field that you want to work in. I always think that I have all the tools I need with me, Reiki is so portable. Many thanks for your insights. Sandra

  4. Hi Justin, your advice is amazing. I have Reiki 1&2 where do you teach how long is master course & how much … I live in Manchester my name is Maria I am a qualified children’s nurse.

  5. I supplemented my Reiki income by selling healing crystals & then I could quit my day job. I started taking my crystals & angel cards to festivals & markets and selling readings and crystals to not only earn more money BUT ALSO meet new clients & potential students & this worked. You can supplement with any product you feel in alignment to, as well! Oils, Juice+, NYR Organic etc…hope this helps.

  6. Very nice elaboration of what to give up exactly to progress to path of spirituality and surrenderfulness, real path in life. all thoughts are in line with my thoughts. Mr. Justin Peach I was just searching on web and got your article to read spent time for reading and experiencing. I am happy that I am in line. I am a Reiki master trained person from India. and practicing more things beyond reiki from indian culture. wiil be happy to interact with u.

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